excellent service

Our professional, qualified staff are here to cater for any requirement.

fast delivery

Fast, reliable delivery service aims to get your item with you on time.

all trades

We stock a large range of items for all trades and requirements.

High Quality

We only use the highest quality British steel for our products.

Fast Delivery

In trade we understand that time is of the essence.


We aim to complete all our orders within a 24 hour window, this way you can carry on without any worries or unecessary wait times.

Wide Variety of Products

Our wide variety of products include being the highest quality of British steel and are mostly available within 24 hours of your order.


All our products come ready painted to the highest standard.



Who are we?


Quik Beam Ltd is a family run business with over 35 years experience in the steel industry.


What is Quik Beam?


Quik Beam Ltd was founded in 2019, as we noticed a gap in the market that builders required beams/ RSJs quite quickly.

Our company aims to provide a quick, reliable service to cater for everyone’s needs.

Our professional, friendly staff will always aim to answer your questions and deal with your enquires.